Real Talk

My titles are for entertainment purposes ONLY. They are not how-tos or confessions or hidden fantasies. Everything presented in my stories is FICTION and should be treated as such. I do NOT advocate or condone rape, rape culture, or acts of violence. But that’s the difference between fiction and reality. In fiction, nothing is real.

In the real world, there is no such thing as dubious consent. There is consent and there is rape. There’s nothing dubious about it. A drunk person cannot give consent. A drugged person cannot give consent. A sleeping person cannot give consent. A person who didn’t say no also didn’t say yes and thus didn’t give consent. And marriage isn’t consent either. Only consent is consent.
Read more — RAINN’s article What Consent Looks Like

In the real world, forced sex is known as rape and no one is asking for anything unless s/he very specifically walked up, opened his/her mouth, and ASKED for it.

In the real world, most countries have laws and penalties for incestuous acts that cover blood relations and in-law relations (ie – steps and adoptions). You can read about the USA state’s laws here and other countries’ laws here.

In the real world, blackmail (usually lumped with extortion) is a felony and you can read all about that here.

Why does this page exist?
This page exists because some people don’t know the difference between fiction and reality. Because some people condemn authors for the contents of books meant for entertainment purposes only. Because some people get pissed and angry about the contents of books but turn a blind eye to the fact that that content is selling (ie – cast shame on the prostitute but not the john).