Q1: How can you write this filth?
Please read my Real Talk page. Though if you’re asking this question, I’m thinking you shouldn’t be on my site in the first place. So bye now.

Q2: Why isn’t [insert title here] available on Amazon?
Amazon is very strict about Erotica titles. Certain themes, like dubious consent, are huge no-nos for them. These no-nos are so huge that the books can be banned or my publisher account can be terminated. Since I don’t want that to happen, titles that contain dubious consent (sleep sex, mind control, hypnosis, et al) will not appear on Amazon. Certain pseudo-incest (stepfamily and adoptions) will not appear there either.

Q3: Why isn’t [insert title here] available on Google, Kobo, or iTunes?
See the answer for Q2 because it’s the same.

Q4: How can I get the title if it’s not available on Amazon/Kobo/iTunes/Google?
You can buy through B&N (ePUB), Smashwords (ePUB), and Excitica (MOBI, ePUB, and PDF). Some titles are also available on All Romance eBooks (MOBI, ePUB, and PDF).

MOBI – Kindle format
ePUB – Nook, Kobo, and iTunes format
PDF – general format readable by all

Q5: Why aren’t all the titles available on All Romance eBooks (ARe)?
Like Amazon, ARe has no-no topics that could lead to my account being deleted. Said titles won’t be added.

Q6: Why does the same cover image appear on two different books?
Because they aren’t different books. In most cases, the title was changed in order to make it compliant with Amazon’s and Smashwords’s and ARe’s policies about keeping the covers and blurbs PG-13 but the books are EXACTLY the same.

In some cases, I made slight tweaks to change a blood-incest story (this came first) into a step-incest story (and made it interracial to boot) along with changing the title. Again, this change is so I can list the story on Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe. I promise you the tweaks are very slight. It’s probably a difference of 100 words, which isn’t much.

Q7: I saw a book on Amazon/Smashwords/ARe with [insert kink here], so that means you can load those titles, right?
Some books slip through the cracks. Again, those vendors are pretty clear (for the most part) about what is and isn’t acceptable on their sites. I’m not going to chance having my publisher account terminated because another author happened to get away with it.

Q8: Will you write a story with [insert new kink here]?
See the answer for #9.

Q9: When are you going to release more of [insert kink here]?
Short answer — I’m not. At this time, Derenzi Balach is finished. This name was a giant experiment to break into a new genre, which didn’t play out the way I’d hoped it would. All the series are finished or as finished as they are going to be.

Thanks for your interest in this name. I hope you enjoyed my naughty stories.

Happy reading,
~ Derenzi