Red's Wild Romp (Sexed-Up Fairy Tales 1)-300

Red’s Wild Romp (Sexed-Up Fairy Tales 1)

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Red's Wild Romp (Sexed-Up Fairy Tales 1)-300

Fairy Tale - The older you get, the dirtier these stories become. Paranormal - All the things that go bump in the night. Tricked - I wouldn't call her/him gullible but.... Dubious Consent - S/he is acting like s/he wants it so that must mean s/he wants it. Mind Control - From hypnosis to magic to alien tech, changing her mind is easy. Teen - (aka barely legal) 18 or 19 year olds Anal - The backdoor needs love too. Oral - fellatio and cunnilingus. BJs and MJs. Sucking and licking and rimming. Masturbation - Self-play or going solo Forced Sex/Pleasure - S/he was made to like it.

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A simple visit to her grandmother turns into a sexual encounter with a very horny wolf. He bespells Red into thinking she’s feeding her ailing grandmother soup when she’s really spread wide and being eaten. The wolf won’t be satisfied until he’s gobbled her up, but greedy wolves chance running into hunters.

Adults Only! 18+!

This short includes depictions of a crafty wolf mind controlling a barely-legal teen into oral, anal and bareback hard-pounding creampie sex.

Genre: Fairy Tale Erotica
Themes: African American
Kinks: barely legal (18/19), tricked, mind control (dubcon), oral, anal, unprotected sex, forced pleasure, masturbation

Release Date: 28 April 2016
Length: 8500 words
ISBN: 978-1-63475-012-7

NOTE: Due to content restrictions, this title can only be loaded to certain vendors. Kindle users can get the MOBI file from Excitica.


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