His Fevered Need

His Fevered Need

Books, Breeding, Kinks, Older/younger, Shorts, Stand Alone, Taboo

His Fevered Need

Incest - Bloodline or step-family or adopted. The family that plays together stays together. Older Man - There's a least a twenty-year age gap between him and the girl he's boning. Teen - (aka barely legal) 18 or 19 year olds Oral - fellatio and cunnilingus. BJs and MJs. Sucking and licking and rimming.Breeding - She's getting pregnant whether she wants to or not. Forced Sex/Pleasure - S/he was made to like it.

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When the man of the house says he wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the house again, Alexis agrees to get a boyfriend so she can make it happen. It might take a while, but she’s sure she can do it. Too bad he isn’t willing to wait. He’s also not willing to let her go to another man because he’s right there. When the man of the house says he wants something, he gets it and Alexis will enjoy giving it to him.

Adults only! 18+!

This short includes depictions of stepdad-stepdaughter oral sex and breeding sex.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Themes: Interracial (BWWM)
Kinks: Taboo (stepfather-stepdaughter), Older man / younger woman, Teen (18/19), Breeding, Forced pleasure, oral

Release Date: 13 April 2016
Length: 6000
ISBN: 9781634750073

Alternate Birth Dad Version

Daddy's Baby Fever


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