Banging Daddy's Friend Aarón (Ebony Booty 4) - 200

Daddy’s Friend Aarón (Ebony Booty 4)

Books, Ebony Booty Series, Kinks, Older/younger, Shorts

Banging Daddy's Friend Aarón (Ebony Booty 4) - 300

Older Men - There's a least a twenty-year age gap between him and the girl he's boning. Public Sex - Getting it on in a public place where they can be caught any moment. Masturbation - Self-play or going solo Oral - fellatio and cunnilingus. BJs and MJs. Sucking and licking and rimming. Voyeurism - S/he likes to watch or s/he's being watched

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Ebony is not a stranger to getting some in the back of a car, but not while her father is driving and definitely not with one of his friends. Aarón Herrera is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course, but a blanket can only muffle so much. Ebony will have to enjoy this meal with her mouth shut because her pleasure could send her father off the road.

Adults ONLY! 18+!

This short includes depictions of backseat fingering, blowjob, and on-the-sly unprotected creampie sex.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Themes: Interracial (BWLM)
Kinks: Older man / younger woman, masturbation, car sex, public sex, oral

Release Date: 02 May 2016
Length: 3900 words
ISBNs: 978-1-63475-018-9 (Banging); 978-1-63475-019-6 (Tempting)

Alternate Cover

Tempting Daddy's Friend Aarón (Ebony Booty 4) - 300


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